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Our Company

We are passionate about providing a high quality diaper to everyone, but Bubba Bee Cloth will one day be so much more than just cloth products. We have a road map for future expansion that will help bring cost savings and ease of mind to parents everywhere. For now though our cloth diapers will be the driving force behind innovation and change.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to globally support family efforts in sustainability and conservation with practical solutions for future generations, from the first step and beyond.

Core Values

Bubba Bee's core values we hold all employees to:

Customer Service
Teamwork and Excellence Innovation and Creativity
Integrity and Accountability

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Bubba Bee Cloth, formerly Kushy Tooshy, was founded in early 2013 by Kylie Collatz and Brett Jones in an effort to bring high quality cloth diapers to parents all around the world. Since a couple early stumbles Bubba Bee Cloth has recovered and has started to become a successful company. One of the main driving forces behind this change is our Customer Service. We have taken it upon ourselves to deliver the most rewarding Customer Service any customer has ever experienced. To help facilitate this change we have expanded our online operations from just our personal company website and facebook, to pintrest, twitter, instagram, and etsy.

On June 28, 2014 Jesse Butcher joined our team as the Chief Operating Officer to help bring to life the company's short and long term goals we have to fruition. Jesse has been bringing new technology, policies, and programs to our company. Overall, he has helped Bubba Bee Cloth move forward and will be a huge part in this company's success.

On February 11, 2015, Francesca Frissora joined our team as the Chief Sales Officer. With her numerous years of experience in Retail she will be able to help continue and improve our already stellar customer service. 


Manager Kylie Collatz
CEO Brett Jones
COO Jesse Butcher
CSO Francesca Frissora